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UniBrows testen, geinstalleerd en proberen

Run IE6 Line-of-Business Applications
in IE8 with UniBrows

Avoid cost and complexity, simplify migrations

Upgrade your business to Windows 7, or to Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP, while maintaining compatibility with all of your Internet Explorer 6-based web applications—without changing a single line of code.

With UniBrows, your organization will enjoy:

  • Compatibility with the IE6-based web apps you’ve already deployed and paid for
  • Easy deployment and management, unlike virtualization solutions
  • Simple migration today, then replace your aging apps when you’re ready
  • Greater security and ease of use because IE6 only renders the sites you choose
  • Granular control over ActiveX controls and registry settings for all web apps, even modern ones running in IE8
  • The end of your IE6 headaches and the eternal thanks of web developers everywhere

Installeren is een hele klus, eerst het pakket samenstellen met downloads, vervolgens pakket bouwen en tenslotte de msi maken voor Windows 7, Vista en XP.

De msi voor het gekozen platform installeren en de UniBrows Configuration manager starten. Enfin wordt vervolgd…